Pediatric Surgery Specialist
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Who am I?

I was born in 1972 in Mersin.
I completed my primary education in Namık Kemal Primary School, in a historical building. Later this building became history. I finished high school in 1990 at Tarsus American College, which I think has contributed a lot to me in every area.

Ever since I was a kid, I always thought of studying medicine. I chose Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, English Department, which was founded by my teacher Prof. Dr. Uğur Derman who planned to provide special education only for forty students. I completed my education, which I did with great pleasure, in 1996 and got my Medical Doctor diploma.


Who is a pediatric surgeon?

First, we complete six years of medical education and get the title of “Medical Doctor”. Then we pass the medical specialty exam and begin our training…


Is a pediatric surgeon needed?

I hear this question a lot: Can’t an adult general surgeon, urologist, or a thoracic surgeon operate on children? Do we need you?


We in the press

Some news that were published in media and newsletter…


The Story Of Male Circumcision

With the desire to share my research and experience that I have been doing for years, I wrote a book called “The Story of Male Circumcision in…

Feedback From Our Patients

Doruk T.
24 years old
From the bottom of my heart. I can say that he is one of the greatest in his expertise. Years ago, I was undergone a surgery and the whole processes flawless. He was a great comrade during the post-op period too. Cheers to one of my favorite doc 🙂
Erkhan G.
Berk’s dad
...our hero since restoring my beloved son to his health ... it was a unique feature worthy of every praise that he comforted us with simple clear explanations ... we owe him the moments we spent happy with the family…
Dilek S.
Arda’s mother
Thank you sooo much for the care you showed to my son’s surgery. We are glad to have you. We love you so much.
Dilek Ş.
Arda’s mother
Our son’s pyloric stenosis surgery was successful by your approach and responsibility when he was one moth old. He is 11 years old now, does not have a scar. We are very happy. Thanks...
Beyza G.
Berk’s mother
…performed my son's newborn circumcision flawlessly in a short time, with minimum pain, high level of care and professionalism. He made us very comfortable with his positive and peaceful approach.…
Zeynep S.
Rüzgar’s mother
Because of our precious doktor Egemen Eroglu our journey in hospital was perfect. He was very professional. He showed us good care and it was perfect…
Fourkan M.
12 years old
...I've had a lot of surgeries. Most of them were done by Dr. Egemen in the American hospital. He is is a very good doctor, he loves children and what I like most about him is that he is not like other doctors. He wants to discharge his patients as soon as possible, he speaks openly. I trust Dr. Egemen...
Eda T.
14 years old
Last year Dr. Egemen operated me due to pilonidal sinus. During the whole process he was so kind… I am very well now. I love him 🙂
Ceyda V.
Ali’s mother
Dr. Egemen corrected the hypospadias of my son at the age of 1. Everything went well and it helped us a lot to make this period easy. God bless you.
Şenay C.
Mert’s mother
My son had a successful surgery due to high grade hypospadias in two steps at the Koc University Hospital. Many thanks to Prof. Egemen and his team, and Dr. Mehmet Ali…
Selvinaz A.
Bade’s mother
We would like to thank Prof. Egemen who easily performed my daughter's appendicitis surgery like pulling a hair from butter. Everything was very comfortable ... not even a trace.
Ayşen Y.
Can’s mother
I gave my son to his skillful hands when he was 12 days old…With the help of Dr. Egemen and his nurse Güneş, our circumcision event was finished by the easiest and simplest way. We love you.