The Story of Male Circumcision


With the desire to share my research and experience that I have been doing for years, I wrote a book called “The Story of Male Circumcision in Human History”. 10 whole years have passed. My experience, research and knowledge have improved. Renewal was necessary.

The renewed one is called “The Story of Male Circumcision”.

I aimed to write it in the style of a grandfather and grandson’s conversation so that everyone could read it.

Since the grandson is afraid of circumcision, he asks his grandfather why he should be circumcised. Grandfather shares what he has learned by researching with his grandchild.

In the new book, I especially strengthened the scientific side, those who want to read the whole manuscripts, Q-R codes will help to access some scientific articles.

In addition, with the contributions of my child psychiatrist and psychologist friends, the book is much stronger now.

I hope you enjoy reading.