In fact, comments are very important when you start a youtube channel.  Even if you comment a dot, the system perceives it as an interaction and ensures that the video you shoot will appear sooner.  This naturally increases the recognition of your channel, the number of viewers and your subscribers.  So why are my comments closed?
I wanted to have a little chat in this pediatric surgeon’s journal.
It was the time of the pandemic…
I didn’t know if I should use the past tense with language.  After all, the Covid epidemic still exists, although respiratory diseases caused by RSV and Influenza viruses are much more prominent these days.
Due to curfews, admission of only real emergency patients to the hospital, many people had difficulty in accessing health services.  The answers to the questions that arose in their minds began to be sought on the Internet.  Just in this process, during the pandemic period, many requests came from my patients.  Even non-doctors started making videos on health-related topics.  Unfortunately, this information on the internet is not evaluated at all, cannot be controlled, may contain many inaccuracies or may be insufficient.
During the pandemic period, this request made to me seemed very reasonable, while we were only providing emergency service and postponing any pending surgeries.  I started to shoot videos that are not very long, less than 10 minutes as much as possible, and publish them once a month, just for information purposes.  I give my references as much as I can.  I repeat, this is just for informational purposes.  If you are aware, I do not take any action such as advertising.  After all, as I said before this channel is for informational purposes only, not for making money or advertising.
At the beginning the comments were allowed. Firstly, sporadic personal questions began to come.  I tried to answer as best I could.  But it has grown to an incredible size.  Those who send photos, say what to do, those who consult me ​​about the treatments given by my other doctor friends, the surgeries they recommend… The strangest thing is those who take a picture of a sick part of their child and send them and ask what to do, what to use, what medicine to apply.  So it is not possible for me to answer these questions.  Not once legally.  If I give the wrong treatment, what will be the responsibility?  Or, can I criticize a treatment that another doctor colleague had seen and given to the patient just by looking at the photograph?  Is it ethical?
After that, I stopped responding to comments.  This time, very funny reproaches began to come.  For example, a mother who sent me the ultrasound result of her child for a disease unrelated to the topic I described.  When I do not reply, she can write a message such as “Doctor, I sent you an ultrasound, you did not reply to me”.  Or harassing by sending a question mark, exclamation point.  Well, do I have to reply?  How can I take responsibility for a patient I have not seen?
Let me talk about the comments on the circumcision video.
There are so many anti-circumcision people out there.  And these people think they have the right to attack people who don’t think like them.
You know, I have a book called The Story of Male Circumcision.  Neither in the book, nor in the videos I shot, or in the articles I wrote, I never once stated that every man should be circumcised.  I explained the pros and cons in a very objective way.  The choice is up to you.  My thoughts are very clearly written and explained.  Yes, I do circumcision.  This will always be done.  If I don’t do it, we pediatric surgeons, if we doctors don’t, it will be done under the stairs by anauthorized people.  If such a situation occurs, the problems that can be seen regarding the process will naturally be more frequent.  But these activists, put themselves in a wrong situation even if they might be right due to their very aggressive attitudes and they are also very hurtful.  Moreover, they become ridiculous by trying to criticize me without doing one percent of the importance, time and research I give to this issue.  It is clear from the comments they have written that they have not read my book or watched my videos. 
I’ve decided to turn off comments completely.  I also don’t read message requests from my Instagram account.  Therefore, I do not write an answer.
The worst of this situation is that I was shooting videos at your request with the interactions I received.  There is less interaction now.  However, you can be sure that I will take seriously the opinions of those who reach out somehow.
Yes, it was a conversational cruise where we had a good conversation.  I will give information about the umnilicus in our next watch.  My goal is to provide you with the right information.  Everything is for children.
Stay happy.
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Prof. Dr. Egemen Eroğlu
December 2022